Bank cash loan: conditions and interest rate

A company that provides a full range of services in the lending market. In this banking organization, you can issue cash in cash, take a consumer loan for a product, purchase a new or used car by signing a car loan, issue a mortgage, or receive money against property. The banking company cooperates with the widest contingent of clients aged from 20 to 85 years. Consider how to get a loan in New Bank, what are the options and current offers for consumer lending in cash.

Requirements for borrowers

Requirements for borrowers

The conditions for processing a cash loan in New Bank may vary slightly depending on the tariff. But in general, the bank sets the following conditions to its customers:

  • The age for processing a loan agreement must begin with 20 years. In addition, the top bar is set at 85 years. Which means that a potential borrower can be 85 years old at the end of the loan term;
  • In addition, the borrower must be employed at the main place of work for at least 4 months. This provision does not apply to pensioners;
  • registration in the territory of the Russian Federation must also be at least 4 months;
  • from the place of residence to the nearest branch there should be no more than 70 km distance;
  • It is also a prerequisite for those who plan to take a credit in New Bank, the presence of a landline phone. It can be both personal and work.

Consider the current banking offers for individuals that will be relevant at the beginning of 2018.

Cash loan of 14.9%

Cash loan of 14.9%


On consumer credit in New Bank, the interest rate can be 14.9% per annum. Such conditions are possible when creating the additional service “Guaranteed rate”. The service costs 3.9% of the size of the loan provided. Also, the terms of the loan stipulate that the borrower will repay the debt within 12 months, avoiding overdue debts.

As a result of the loan, the bank will recalculate interest at a rate of 14.9% and return the amount of the overpayment to the consumer’s account. Credit New Bank on this product offers in the amount of 40,001 to 299,999 rubles. The duration of the contract may be from one to three years.

You can get a loan for the intended use. This means that the client will have to provide payment documents that would confirm that the money is used for its intended purpose. The amount of funds spent on the purpose of the need to be at least 80% of the loan issued. In this case, the rate will be 22%. Without target spending more than 80% of the loan, this rate will increase to 32%.


To get loans in New Bank with such a tariff, you will need to provide a passport. As well as the second document that can certify the identity. This list includes:

  • driving license, pension certificate;
  • international passport;
  • TIN;
  • SNILS;
  • military ID;
  • medical policy.

“Pension plus”


One of the main directions for New Bank is working with retirees. Not every organization keeps the bar at the maximum age of 85 years. Such customers receive clearance and serviced out of turn in this banking organization.

The charging in New Bank of consumer loans for pensioners also depends on the targeted or inappropriate use of money. In case of target use, the rate is 16.4%. If not, the percentage will be 26.4%.

The contract is made without guarantors. At the same time, the company is ready to give the opportunity to reduce overpayment on the loan. To do this, you need to transfer your salary or pension to receive in New Bank. The interest rate will be reduced by 5%.


Retirees between the ages of 55 for women and 60 years for men can apply for a cash loan at this rate. In addition to the passport, the status of the pensioner can be confirmed by a certificate or a certificate from the FIU.

Express Plus

For those who urgently need money, the bank has developed express loans. The company is ready to provide for individuals the amount from 5,000 to 40,000 rubles. The interest rate will vary from 23.8 to 33.8%. The duration of an express loan in New Bank is from six months to 18 months. There is no need to provide a guarantee or pledge, you just need to have a passport.

On the security of real estate

On the security of real estate


The bank provides larger financing in the principles of securing a deal. On the security of property you can get from 200 000 to 30 million rubles. The minimum amount must be at least 10% of the price tag of housing. The interest rate is 18.9%, and the loan term is possible in two versions: for 5 years and for 10 years.

As borrowers, New Bank is ready to consider individuals and individual entrepreneurs to finance business development. For a loan, collateral may be:

  • apartment;
  • House;
  • land plot;
  • non-residential house or building;
  • also a room or part of a house.

The bank can consider such loans for individual entrepreneurs and individuals only with the provision of a guarantor. Also, if a part of the intended pledge has the rights of third parties, then they must act as co-borrowers. The object itself should not be in disrepair or require major repairs. Legal clarity must be observed, which is carefully checked by banking experts. Consider what documents are needed.


The client, the co-borrower and the guarantor must provide a passport, SNILS and a certificate of income. In addition, owners of property rights need to confirm that the intended pledge belongs to them:

  • certificate;
  • contract of sale, donation and other grounds;
  • extract from home books;
  • application from the spouse for the consent of the loan and the processing of personal data.

The PI needs to prepare additional documentation, which includes 3-NDFL and certificates of taxes paid for the last reporting period.


New Bank is ready to consider loans from 200,000 to 1 million rubles without collateral and guarantors. An application for a loan can be left by individual entrepreneurs and individuals. The tariff rate varies from 18.4 to 22.9%. The loan period is possible from one to five years. From how many years give a loan? The conditions are the same: the borrower’s age is 18–85 years.


For individuals it is enough to take a passport and SNILS. But if the borrower is interested in a lower rate, then you need to submit an income statement. The PI should additionally provide 3-NDFL or statement of account or cash for the last six months.

On the security of a car

On the security of a car

An alternative to loans secured by real estate is car loans. An application for a loan can leave the owners of personal vehicles. The amount of funding ranges from 50,000 to 1 million rubles. Tariff rate – 17-19%. The duration of the contract may range from 1 year to 5 years.

Banking organization makes demands on the subject of pledge. The car must be no older than 19 years. Vehicles must be technically sound and free from burden. In addition to the basic identity documents, the client is obliged to provide the TCP, a certificate for the car and the CTP policy.

“For responsible plus”

In a special category New Bank allocates borrowers with higher education or married. In the conditions of a guaranteed rate, contracts can be issued at 14.9%. How to get a loan on such conditions is described above in one of the first headlines. Without an additional service, the tariffs are 19.9-29.9%. The sum is 40 001–299 999, and the term is from one to three years.

Your status of “responsible” must be confirmed by a diploma of higher education or secondary special. A couple will have enough passports and a second document. Income certificates will not be required.

How to repay loans

How to repay loans


It is possible to deposit cash free of charge with the help of cash services in additional offices. For payment through ATMs you will need a special card, which is issued at check-in. Payment of credits is available through a personal account on the website of the banking organization.

New Bank also accepts payments through post offices, but it is worth considering that the transfer period can be up to 7 business days. Borrowers can also use third-party services, such as payment through other banks or payment operators. On the timing of enrollment and commission is better to check with the sender.

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